About us

AusiCan is an independently owned, speciality crops trader, handler and exporter. We are an Australian based global marketer of pulses, lentils, grains, and oilseeds for both human consumption and stock feed markets. Our core values lie in our diverse sourcing abilities and connecting producers, processors and end consumers of agricultural commodities all over the world. Team at AusiCan possesses extensive expertise in handling global flows of agricultural commodities from farm gate to end user with proven track record.

We are capitalizing for rapid growth on our professional and highly experienced management, and their strong reputation amongst industry partners globally. AusiCan prides itself in delivering and honouring to commitments through professional, ethical and robust business practices.


Desi Chickpeas

Botanical name:  Cicer Arietinum
Planting time:  April/May
Harvest time:  October to January
AHECC Code:  0713.20.30


Faba Beans

Botanical name: Vicia Faba
Planting time: April/May
Harvest time: November/December
AHECC Code: 0713.50.20


Green Mung Beans

Botanical name:  Vigna Radiata
Planting time:  September
Harvest time:  February to April
AHECC Code:  0713.31.20


Kabuli Chickpeas

Botanical name:  Cicer Arietinum
Planting time:  May/June
Harvest time:  January/February
AHECC Code:  0713.20.30

Quality products and seamless service

Our goal here is to provide low prices on high quality products and
excellent service to our customer world over

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it all comes down to perception: How the customer sees and experiences the product and service provided by your business.
At Ausican we leave no stone unturned to fulfill our commitments and satisfy our customers



Respect – We demonstrate care, compassion, honesty and fairness.
Integrity – We honour our commitments
Openness – We are clear and transparent in everything we do.
Excellence – We are efficient and service focused.

ausican special

Ausican Special

AusiCan is poised for rapid growth under the leadership of its dynamic management and staff members. We aim to deliver satisfactory product and service to all clients worldwide, honoring our commitments without fail.

Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology

We have a team of experienced personnel that help us manage port logistics at both ends of the value chain to secure significant efficiencies of scale. We secure competitive freight rates to ship our products from exporting countries to destination markets. In addition, effectively manage freight market volatility. Offering shipments in containers (20′ and 40′) in bulk or bags . Much of our success is a result of constant assessment and prompt response to our customers need We thrive on logistic related challenges and offer turnkey solutions from origin to any destination, whether domestic or international. You can depend on us to handle the entire supply chain, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Globally connected, Locally invested

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